Process Laboratories Corporation provides specialty technical services to pyroprocessing industries.  Our considerable experience with rotary kilns world-wide enables us to effectively combine current research and modern instrumentation with the necessary expertise to optimize your rotary equipments performance.

We offer three vital consulting services:

Process Optimization Consulting improves your kiln's environmental regulatory compliance, control stability, operating efficiency and productivity.  We combine statistical sampling with proprietary software and methods to examine your operation in detail and give you a clear accurate picture.

Mechanical Consulting Service diagnoses problems with the structure, drives, support mechanisms and linings of kilns.  We also work with auxiliary and pollution control sub-systems.  Process Laboratories assists you with necessary repairs, as well as with developing long term solutions.  During plant start-ups, we provide the tools and experience to bring new linings up to temperature properly, adjust combustion correctly, and align supports accurately.

Project Management provided when major changes, upgrades, or repairs are needed.  Process Laboratories oversees and coordinates subcontractors and other project inputs to produce economical, quality results.

Ongoing, systematic research and development conducted by Process Laboratories continuously improves our services.  This knowledge-based approach helps us find the right solutions to your complex problems.

Process Laboratories possesses the experience, the resources, and the expertise to help make your rotary kiln a peak performer.

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