Reliable Repairs And Managed Costs 
Begin With Proper Planning.

Maintenance Consulting provides the expertise to maximize the effectiveness of your kiln maintenance.

Process Laboratories Corporation is a recognized leader in repair consulting services.  We can save you time and money during repairs and rebuilds.

Our Maintenance Service uses a three-level approach to improve the effectiveness of your outage maintenance.

First, our Specialists work with your project engineers and maintenance supervisors to plan your outage.  Maintenance planning for kilns is unique.  Most kiln maintenance involves three-dimensional planning because of the added complexity of shell rotations. Our emphasis on pre-project planning saves you time and improves the quality of work during your shutdown.

Second, during your outage, Process Laboratories helps you execute your plan.  We work along with your crews and contractors, eliminating guesswork and managing the schedule, typically saving thousands of man hours per project.  More importantly, we get all parts of the job done right.

Third, we help bring your kiln back online.  Flue gas analyzers, temperature sensors, and alignment checks protect your valuable maintenance investment throughout the warm-up curve.  Finally, we prepare shutdown reports for your files.

Process Laboratories Corporation can help you make reliable repairs better, faster, and more economically.

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